St leonards plaza

St leonards plaza

St Leonards Plaza

Set to be built above the North Shore railway line, Arcadia’s concept for Wadanggari Park creates a resilient and responsive landscape that reflects and enhances the local character and identity of St Leonards, while meeting the demands of urban growth. This much-needed green public open space will support active and vibrant residential and commercial communities, with increasing numbers of residents and tenants moving in to the south, north and east of the site.

Research and detailed analysis of the site’s potential for programming and circulation, has led to the creation of this exciting new precinct. While the open space amenity of site the site is important, it’s the accessible connections that are crucial to the success of the suburb’s revitalisation. Adjacent to the 88 Christie commercial and residential development and it’s connections to Friedlander Place and Crows Nest, the plaza will also connect 12,500 new residents of the St Leonards residential zone south of the Pacific Highway, to the new subterranean link below the Pacific Highway to the train station, Hospital and commercial and residential zones to the north.

Arcadia’s landscape concept for this project is based on extending the green corridors of bushland which connect the CBD of St Leonards to Sydney Harbour. The public plaza will provide significant amenity, with retail activation, passive recreation space, community lawn, play area and alfresco dining space.

Banksia Play Space
The play space at Wadanggari Park will be a major attraction for the space, designed for use by all age groups. The design narrative is based on the Banksia, a quintessential Australian flower known to have been here for 60 million years, which is an important part of the Lane Cove area ecological communities. The Banksia has high significance in First Nations culture and lore is an important symbol of growth and renewal, due to its regeneration through fire and smoke.

Reflecting the stages of growth of a banksia flower, the play space will include a pod climber for the pre-schoolers, a net tower for the primary school visitors and an art structure for teenagers and adults. Built on two exciting levels, the play will include steppers, infant pods, bridges, climbing nets, viewing decks, play logs and slide, with all elements chosen to suit the palette of the banksia. An Indigenous planting strategy will be used to increase connections to nature. A lighting concept will highlight the design concept of the play area, highlighting the towers, underscoring the bridge and emphasising the facade texture.

Meet and Resting Decks
A timber boardwalk, built over a fern garden will include circular hardwood decking nooks to allow for a range of uses and user groups. Being enclosed within the planting, these nooks make ideal meeting spots for commercial workers, residents, general public and retail spillout. Ranging from 4 to 16 seats per nook while allowing comfortable circulation to entries and exit points that caters for disabled accessibility.

The Great Lawn
With a timber stage, a large expanse of turf and sloping lawns to the rear, the Great Lawn space will allow for a range of uses by the community, from weekend picnics, lounging in the lunchtime sun and community events. A native buffer planting will screen the great lawn from the train line and St Leonards South precinct.

Passive Nook
Elevated from the Pacific Highway frontage, the passive nook will feature a mix of Urban style and Sculptural seating typologies, surrounded by raised planters full of Indigenous planting and mounds of lawn. Focus trees will be underlit to emphasise trunks and foliage, while a functional lighting strategy will ensure safety and accessibility from the highway frontage throughout the site, including the main connection passages and stairs to adjoining streets.

Art & Wayfinding
An art & wayfinding strategy includes strong a connection to Country element, acknowledging the Ga-maraigal/Cammeraygal people through paving inlays and patterning, interpretive shade sculptures, mural and sculptures and the sculptural play space. Sculptural lighting, wayfinding and paving will enhance navigation and safety, as well as creating a distinct identity for Wadanggari Place.

Client: Lane Cove Council
Location: St Leonards, NSW