Arcadia respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the lands we work, live and operate in.

We acknowledge their unique ability to care for country and deep spiritual connection to it.

We honour Elders past, present and emerging whose knowledge and wisdom has and will ensure the continuation of cultures and traditional practices.

Arcadia's Indigenous Strategy

Working towards better outcomes in caring for Country

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Arcadia's Research Report

Cultural Engagement in Australia’s Built Environment

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Our approach to Indigenous Country, heritage and culture goes beyond project-based work. It is about learning, establishing and maintaining community partnerships, supporting Indigenous advancement in design, and building our team’s capacity.

Arcadia recognises that involving First People in our design process adds an intrinsic element to the design meaning and connection to the land, driving better outcome for the design.

Indigenous knowledge can add value and richness to the sense of place, while helping share stories and build cultural awareness.

Steps Forward

Arcadia prides ourselves on being at the forefront of our industry in engagement, advancement and collaboration with First People, and continually build on our success, which includes:

  • Establishing Australia’s first Indigenous Landscape Architecture Scholarship
  • The creation of the Indigenous Landscape Strategist role to provide strategic direction and counsel across all studios, overseeing partnerships with Indigenous initiatives, in-house staff cultural training and our ongoing employment and mentoring of Indigenous professionals
  • Commissioning the Shaping Country: Cultural Engagement in Australia’s Built Environment research report


As a part of an ongoing process of trust building, knowledge exchange and partnership forming, we have the ability to collaborate and engage with our Indigenous communities.

We believe it is our holistic and ongoing approach to Indigenous heritage, culture and Country that makes us best placed to provide designs that are rich in history, culture and meaning, for all to enjoy.

We collaborate with local First Nations knowledge holders and cultural leaders by walking on Country together when a new site is chosen, and conducting ongoing “walkshops” where the community is able to gather on-site and communicate their stories, expertise and desires with us and other stakeholders.

Illustrations by Kaylie Salvatori, Yuin woman