Alex Longley

Alex founded Arcadia in 2011 to establish a landscape firm that is driven to create world-class landscape outcomes. His passion for connecting people with the landscape, and his longstanding industry relationships built on his ability to deliver exceptional projects, have helped Arcadia become one of the leading landscape architecture firms in Sydney. Also key to Arcadia’s success is the way Alex’s belief in nurturing team development has built a talented team within a collaborative workplace environment. Alex has provided the inspiration for a unique studio culture, including Friday BBQs on the deck, the annual ski trip and Arcadia’s famous Christmas parties. 

Michael Barnett

Mike became a Principal of Arcadia in 2014 bringing an ability to create authentic and compelling open spaces. Mike excels at challenging the process and driving the team to deliver rigor and detail in their work. This results in project outcomes that exceed client expectations, strengthening Arcadia’s reputation for delivery of quality projects. Mike’s an adventurer at heart – whether you find him snow-boarding, on his motorbike or exploring Sydney’s newest open spaces with his family, you can be sure he’s finding inspiration for his innovative designs.

Nathan Clausen

Nathan’s love of the outdoors has not only led him to a move to Queensland after growing up in NSW, it’s also shaped his passion for designing outdoor places that activate and invigorate spaces for people to enjoy. Nathan is excited by the opportunities for the Arcadia Brisbane studio to help shape public domain in Brisbane, as it becomes an increasingly urban city. He strongly believes access to open space is critically important for optimum physical, mental and spiritual health.

Chris Tidswell

This Adelaide-native always knew he wanted to be a designer. With a passion for designing memorable places, we’re lucky Chris found his way to Sydney, to share his extensive public domain experience with the Arcadia team. While this sports lover may find he’s spending a little less time playing golf, sailing or watching AFL now that he’s a father, we’re sure he’ll have first-hand expertise on what makes a great family-friendly outdoor space.

Andrew Mason

Andrew is one of the core members of the Arcadia team and our original Kiwi. While not a morning person, this ice hockey player is renowned for his appetite and a natural design flair that seeks elegant design solutions, often inspired by the richness and diversity of the local landscape environs. As the undefeated Arcadia champion, his karaoke skills are a thing of beauty as well…

Jason Taylor

This Brisbane native is passionate about creating great spaces in the city he loves, with a particular interest in designing urban open spaces and active parks. No doubt all the time he’s spent playing and watching cricket has given him a unique perspective on how to make these spaces work! Weekends will find Jason watching or playing cricket, fishing, camping or entertaining friends.

Cliff Dean

With a childhood spent between North Brisbane and Fraser Island, Cliff was inspired from a young age to work in a career that allowed him to connect with nature. After time working in Brisbane and Singapore, where he built his expertise in problem solving working across projects in many countries with diverse cultures, we’re so happy Cliff has made the move to Sydney. Not only is he impressing us with his passion for to creating quality landscapes that respond to a site’s social, physical and environmental identity, but he’s also wowed us with fully-dressed backflips into the harbour, mad paper boat-making skills and a side career of doubling colleagues to the light rail on the back of his bike.

Katie Leung

Katie’s sunny nature is a great advertisement for the positive endorphins produced by exercise – this keen runner is rarely without a smile! With more than 8 years in landscape architecture, Katie’s expertise is in the areas of planting design, public domain guidelines, tender documentation and aged care and health. She’s also fairly handy with arts and crafts (her lucky daughter!) and can belt out a respectable rendition of ‘Like a Prayer” when the karaoke mike is handed to her. We’re just waiting for the next staff outing so we can convince her to show off her Irish dancing!

Jonathan Fleri

When it comes to Landscape Architecture, Jon has a passion for integrating urban design and the natural landscape to help form a relationship between the user and the space. He’s a keen landscape photographer in his spare time, but his talents don’t end there…. Jon’s got some slick moves on the snowboard and the dancefloor, as seen on our last Arcadia Ski Trip!

Georgia Alexander

When Georgia joined Arcadia from a regional landscape architecture practice, she brought her natural design style and love of gardens to the studio. Her claim to fame is one of the best we’ve heard yet – her grandfather wrote the Slim Dusty hit song “I’d Love to Have a Beer with Duncan.” Georgia’s motto is “do what you love and love what you do.” We hope this is more fitting now she’s a Landscape Architect at Arcadia than when she worked in an abattoir or as a rouseabout in a stinking hot shearing shed!

Mo Khallaff

Our BIM Manager Mo comes to Arcadia from Egypt, via time working in New York, and shares our passion for designing and delivering projects to a high standard. Mo  not only leads Arcadia’s early adoption of BIM, he also lectures in the Architecture and Construction Project Management program at UTS. And he does all this while experiencing the joy of being a new parent…. and the not so joyful side effect of interrupted sleep! Not that you’d ever pick that with his calm personality.

Valerie Ostermann

With Valerie joining us, we have a new contender for best ‘Claim to Fame’. Valerie is the former National Fencing Champion of Germany and we are equal parts impressed and terrified by her super ninja skills! This wannabe sheep farmer is also a certified massage therapist, so it’s fair to say she has magic in her hands. Luckily for us, Val is equally talented as a Landscape Architect!

Tim Ivers

A former graphic designer, Tim has a passion for great design, a strong eye for detail  and a goal to produce livable and sustainable communities, now and into the future. His enthusiasm and positive outlook are a perfect fit for Arcadia’s collaborative working style – and also for provoking some “friendly rivalry” come State Of Origin time.

Kate Phillips

Kate is a strong believer  that a great design outcome is the product of a strong vision, hard work, and a dedicated multidisciplinary team. No stranger to hard work, Kate is almost constantly in training for different triathlon events. She’s also a great example that landscape architects aren’t landscape gardeners – her bathroom plant is the first plant she’s managed to keep alive!

Daniel Spicer

Always entertaining, Daniel’s up for anything, whether it’s jumping off the end of Jones Bay Wharf for a lunch-time swim or trekking through the jungles of Malaysia. His passion for travel has helped shape his organic, non-conventional design style and his ability to translate abstract issues into practical and unique solutions.

Ryan Morton

With childhood aspirations to be a Top Gun pilot, Ryan has actually become our resident Forrest Gump, with seven half marathons and one marathon under his belt. Ryan’s route to Arcadia, is a bit of a marathon itself – a childhood on a pig farm in New Zealand, university in Canada and time as a landscape architect in Edinburgh. Now he’s landed in Sydney to wow us with his design talent and torture us with his obsession with William Hung Christmas Carols…

Annabel Spillane

Let’s get the obvious out of the way – Annabel’s amazing hair! The hair that was voted runner up in Schwarzkopf’s Most Beautiful Hair competition in 2013 is the first thing we all notice about Annabel. Beyond the mane is a former rural resident who cares deeply about creating drought tolerant, sustainable landscapes. She’s also strongly drawn to education-based projects and loves to draw on the experience of her teacher parents to gain insights for her designs. Annabel’s weekends are filled with bushwalks, country visits and sharing food and wine with friends.

Stacey Edwards

Stacey – she’s All Blacks and not Wallabies. She’s Halloween and never Christmas. She’s books over TV and she’s coffee, not tea. And best of all she’s “Hell yes, I’ll give it a go” and we love her for it! Since joining us as a Landscape Architect, Stacey’s innovative ideas around WSUD infrastructures, as well as her love of trees and fauna, have helped to create her unique landscape design style which are an asset to any project.

Chang Liu

Coming from Xinxiang, a small city in China, Chang has brought a simple, fresh and contemporary design approach to Arcadia, combining her modern Asian influences with an enthusiasm to embrace and experience the outdoor lifestyle of Sydney. Her favourite outdoor space is a table tennis court – but while she plays to relax, she’s happiest when she’s winning. That’s the competitive spirit that makes Chang perfect for Arcadia!

Kaylie Salvatori

We’re thrilled Kaylie has joined Arcadia, after study at UNSW where she was the recipient of the Arcadia Landscape Architecture Scholarship for Indigenous Students. Despite strong family ties to the Rabbitohs, Kaylie is not sporty at all – unless you count her stint as a horse riding instructor. Painting, drawing and sculpture are her passions and Kaylie’s love of art, combined with her love of nature, have led her to a career in landscape architecture. We’re excited about the opportunities ahead, weaving Kaylie’s passion and knowledge of Indigenous culture and native foods into our designs.

Kelsy Pearce

Kelsy’s emerging design style and strong knowledge of plant composition are integral to the Brisbane team. Kelsy was originally drawn to landscape architecture through her personal experiences with outdoor meditation and how nature has the power to help you reconnect and revive. Kelsy’s involvement with the AILA Connection to Country network, along with Arcadia’s focus on Indigenous design, has led to a keen interest in  in learning about Country and its deeply rooted connection to the Landscape Architecture profession.


Pip Meachin

Pip joined Arcadia to help spread the word about the amazing work the team is doing. The studio is her happy place – instead of spending the day trying to whip her family, dog and messy house into shape, she gets to work on content for our website, social media, newsletters, awards and media. With our incredible view and fun team, what’s not to love about coming to work?

Julia Delaney

Sadly our studio manager can’t be with us every day, but it’s obvious the days when Julia is in the studio. Things work, timesheets get done and her positive, motivational energy is felt throughout Arcadia. And when this organisational genius isn’t here, she makes sure there is a bowl of sweet treats to remember her by. It’s a shame she can’t ditch her kids and look after us every day!

Crystal Dunn

Did you ever get told that if you find something you love, buy more than one? That’s what we did with our office managers – Crystal is the ‘yin’ to Julia’s ‘yang’ and together they make sure everything at Arcadia works to its full potential. When Crystal isn’t in the studio, she’s using her exceptional teaching skills to shape the minds of Sydney’s primary school kids or she’s out and about enjoying the beautiful outdoors with some hiking or beach time.

Saskia Ruting

Our graphic design genius, Saskia, hails from the northern beaches – Home & Away fans may even have seen her childhood home in the background of some scenes. If she’s not at the beach, weekends will find her hiking, camping or making ceramics. It’s not surprising Saskia is able to respond with detailed, beautiful work in any situation. One of her first jobs was selling balloons at a Wiggles concert. Anyone able to deal with savage parents when the Dorothy balloons run out, is able to handle anything!

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Arcadia Landscape Architecture is a talented team of landscape architects and urban designers focused on designing world class landscapes.

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