Newmarket Construction Update

29 Aug 2018 | News

As construction moves ahead at the Newmarket Randwick site, we’re excited to bring you some updates to work happening there.

The retention of original structures and trees has been hugely inspirational in Arcadia’s designs for Newmarket Randwick. Respecting the history and re-using elements to preserve the heritage are central themes for Newmarket’s landscape. Newmarket House and the Big Stable are design drivers, as the site is being developed to maximise sight lines to both. Throughout Newmarket Randwick, the iconic Moreton Bay fig trees have been a defining feature of the landscape, and will provide various central points for everyone to meet under the canopy.

Pictured is the transplantation of a tree to a focal point in front of Newmarket House. While a variety of character zones will be found across the site, the overall landscape character is defined by the original gardens – formal clipped hedges, climbers and lush gardens with a refined planting palette. Now the tree is in place, a mounded feature garden will be planted,  recreating the original formal hedges, with added textures and green tones and splashes of white to complement the house.

Archaeological Finds

It would be hard to find a site that is so rich in history and heritage, not just for Randwick’s early settlement, but also for the Australian horse racing industry. So it’s hardly surprising that the team has made some interesting discoveries as they excavate. Within the footprint of Newmarket Residences archaeologists uncovered a brick well, with bottles and other materials of interest in the base of the well. Under the Cambridge footprint they also uncovered the old trotting track which can be seen in many old heritage photos of the site, which was used to exercise horses. Bricks from the original trotting track are to be reused in the paving in the retail plaza.


We’re thrilled that the site allows for such significant public open space. These pictures show the iconic Newmarket sales ring in its prime position under the Moreton Bay fig tree and the beginning of its transformation into an amazing play structure. The team saw the potential to keep the “bones” of the sales ring, and transform it into a space which celebrates the history of Newmarket. As well as the climbing structure made from the sales ring framework, there will be a timeline of pavement etchings, plaques and images, colourful play features and art in the playground to reflect the link to horse racing, including an interactive audio recording of a horse auction.