IWD2017: Women who inspire us!

07 Mar 2017 | Blog

By Pip Meachin (on behalf of the team)

International Women’s Day 2017 has the theme Be Bold for Change.  After listening to a podcast of Dame Zaha Hadid on BBC4’s Desert Island Discs, definitely an example of a woman who was Bold for Change, I went on a mission in the Arcadia studio to discover more women in architecture and design who have influenced or made an impression with their work.

Below are just some of the names that came up – it’s a great mix of local and international figures. There are women who have had a direct influence through study and work, and of course the high profile trailblazers whose work and opinions have helped shape the landscape architecture and design industry. It’s just the tiniest snapshot of what these women have achieved but it’s been great to have the opportunity to investigate and celebrate the work they have done.

    • Andrea Cochran – acclaimed American landscape architect, admired for her the simple elegance of her contemporary and timeless designs
    • Dame Zaha Hadid – Iraqi born, British architect whose pioneering vision redefined architecture and design in the 21st century
    • Jane Jacobs – an urban writer and activist who championed new, community-based approaches to planning for over 40 years.
    • Rebecca Carson – author of the book Silent Spring, The publication of “Silent Spring” which has often been credited with galvanizing a generation into action against environmental degradation, with sparking the start of the modern environmental movement, and with leading to a ban of the pesticide DDT in 1972.
  • Libby Gallagher – a Sydney-based Landscape Architect who also teaches at UNSW. She has completed a PHD on retrofitting streets to adapt and address climate change.
  • Edna Walling– influential early to mid-20th century Australian landscape designer.
  • Marion Griffin – American architect and artist, one of the first licenced female architects in the world.
  • Ray Kaiser Eames –  American designer who worked closely with her husband Charles. Together they made significant historical contributions to the development of modern architecture and furniture. Among their most well-known designs is the Eames Lounge Chair.
  • Professor Sue Anne Ware – Head of School of Architecture and Built Design at University of Newcastle. s creating spaces that challenge public apathy and disengagement and inspire the adoption of a more humanitarian approach to some of society’s most controversial and pervasive issues.
  • Kate Cullity – nationally and internationally recognised and awarded landscape architect and environmental artist, with particular skills in the integration of public art with landscape and urban design.
    • Alexandra Dalglish –  a landscape architect in rural New South Wales who can spend up to four days a week travelling thousands of kilometres to different sites, whilst managing her small team of architects and maintaining strong client relationships.
    • Martha Swartz – an American landscape architect and artist with major interests in cities, communities and the urban landscape.
    • Kathryn Gustafson – award-winning American landscape architect known for her ability to create sculptural forms, using earth, grass, stone and water.
  • Diana Balmori – landscape architect whose ecologically sensitive designs integrated buildings and the natural environment.