Perspectives event: inspired by “change”

18 Apr 2017 | Blog

By Kerby Clements

We’re always on the lookout for inspiration outside of the studio to help us generate fresh ideas and concepts and this drew Sophie and I to attend a “Perspectives” speaker event, with the theme ‘change’. Perspectives is a series of speaker events which aims to enable conversations amongst creative industry peers by drawing together people, posing themes and most importantly, inviting the women involved in our creative industries to share their perspectives.

This event gave us an opportunity to listen to speakers Isabelle Toland and Amelia Holliday (Aileen Sage Architects), Bianca Pineda (Aspect Studios) and art curators Barbara Flynn, Aarna Fitzgerald Hanley and Katrina Dunn-Jones sharing their perspective on “change” and how it has influenced them along their chosen career paths.

The driving force of these events is ‘that the nature of the design industry we work in has shifted from a singular focused expertise to a broad engagement with cross-disciplinary practice – we know architects that dabble in ceramics, artists who design jewellery, graphic designers studying film, and restaurateurs investing in interior design while simultaneously contributing to the vision of our future cities’.

On a daily basis, as Landscape Architects at Arcadia, we collaborate with a huge range of industry influencers, including architects, artists, engineers, and horticulturalists, to create ‘quality design for public open spaces, stronger communities and greater environmental stewardship’. This event gave me further ideas of different ways we can include cross-disciplinary design and collaboration in our work.

This was the first Perspectives event that I had attended and I found it really motivating to listen to these inspiring, successful women talk about their experiences in the design field.