Kiaora Place and Mascot Central: winners at Development Excellence Awards

28 Jul 2016 | News

The winners of the Urban Taskforce “Development Excellence Awards 2016” have just been announced and Arcadia is thrilled to see a couple of our recently completed projects on the winners list.

Kiaora Place won the Retail Development Award for developer Woolworths Limited, with architects Nettleton Tribe (Stage 1) and Brewster Hjorth (Stage 2). Arcadia’s landscape design includes the change in use of Kiaora Lane to a shared way and forecourt between the site and the mall through to New South Head Road. The pedestrian connection to Patterson Street offers further seating opportunities, in addition to bicycle parking, flanked with rain-gardens and amenity planting. As well as prioritising the pedestrian experience, another key focus of the design was the use of WSUD principles throughout.

Mascot Central won the Mixed Uses Development Award for developer Meriton, with PTW Architects. Part of the Mascot Station Town Centre Precinct Master plan, Arcadia’s design provides pedestrian amenity and usable spaces on a site that comprises 1,240 apartments, 5,300sqm of retail floor space and 5,790sqm of open space for various community amenities, including passive and active recreation, outdoor kitchens and dining and children’s playground. With 2,450m of streetscape, the site is designed with generous pedestrian zones, shelter from inclement weather, wide stairs and a pedestrian elevator to assist pedestrians to move through the zone with ease. At the same time, the design makes clever use of movable furniture, mounded planting zones, seating, microclimatic zones, parkland and pathways to create open spaces for gathering which will not interfere with pedestrian movement.

Congratulations to all involved in these projects! A full list of the winners can be found here.